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Crop ID Ag-Powered Service (APS)

The Crop ID Ag-Powered Service takes as input a field boundary and a range of years. It returns a prediction for the crops that were planted for each year on the field boundary. For example, here is a visualization based on the Crop ID output for a sample field boundary in Iowa for the 2021 growing season:

Crop ID Output

Note that the "iou" is the intersection-over-union, which is a metric comparing the original field boundary to the predicted crop area. It ranges from 0.0 (worst) to 1.0 (best).

Crops Supported by the Crop ID APS

The Bayer AgPowered Crop ID Calculation Service currently supports following crops: BARLEY, COTTON, GRASS, MAIZE, RAPESEED, RICE, SORGHUM, SOYBEANS, SUGARBEET, SUGARCANE, SUNFLOWER, WHEAT, OTHER

Regions Supported by the Crop ID APS

The Crop ID APS is supported in 59 countries around the world. Coverage is shown in the following map: image

Crop ID Coverage Map

Historical Growing Seasons Supported by Crop ID APS

The Crop ID APS supports growing seasons from 2017 through the present.

Install Crop ID APS

To install the Crop ID APS, start here.