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Upgrading Your Plan

All APS can be installed with a Free Plan for trial testing. When you are ready to upgrade to a consumption plan, follow these instructions to subscribe and upgrade your APS resource.

Subscribe on Azure Marketplace

  1. Navigate to the Bayer Apps page in Azure Marketplace to review the available AgPowered Service subscriptions.
Azure Marketplace
  1. Click on Get It Now and provide basic contact information. You will then be taken to the Azure Saas Subscription page for the APS.
  2. In the Azure SaaS Subscription page, select the Plan + Pricing that works for your use case and click Subscribe. This will initiate a subscription activation request to the AgPowered Services team.
Plans + Pricing
Subscription Activation

We will activate your subscription within 2 business days of a subscription request.

  1. Once the APS Team activates your subscription, the APS status will be updated to Subscribed.

If you have already installed the APS with a Free Plan, please follow the next steps to Upgrade Your APS Resource. If you have not installed the APS, follow the Install APS Quick Start and select your plan when installing.

Upgrade Plan on APS Resource

Once you have subscribed to a new plan and your subscription is activated, the final step is to configure our APS resource with the new plan subscription.

  1. Navigate to your ADMA Resource in the Azure Portal. This can be found by going to the resource group associated with your ADMA resource and clicking on 'Show Hidden Types'.
Finding your ADMA Resource

Due to ADMA not yet being commercially available, the resource is hidden in the Azure Portal. image

  1. Find your APS Resource by clicking on Solutions on the sidebar and then click on the SaaS Resource Link of the service.
APS SaaS Resource
  1. In the APS SaaS Resource page, click on Change Plan and then select the plan to change to. You will be able to select from any plan that you are Subscribed to in Azure Marketplace for this APS. Once selected, click Change Plan and your upgrade is complete.
Change APS Plan