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What is an AgPowered Service?

AgPowered Services (APS) are business-to-business digital solutions that are dependent on data within the Azure Data Manager for Agriculture.

Access Bayer agronomic insights and scientific models via an API, enabling the integration of Bayer digital assets into your own tool or product.

AgPowered Services enrich your ADMA experience by rounding out an integrated platform for your agricultural data and insights needs.

Create time and resource efficiency with AgPowered Services allowing you to focus on core competencies rather than data wrangling, standardization, and modeling.


ADMA API Version Support

AgPowered Services are compatible with ADMA API version: 2023-11-01-preview

Available AgPowered Services

AgPowered ServiceDescriptionStatus
Growing Degree DaysCalculate accumulated Growing Degree Days that can estimate the maturity of cropsPublic Preview
Imagery InsightsTrack crop health and identify fields that need attention through a series of satellite images.Public Preview
Crop Water Use MapView water used/lost by a crop over 24-hour periodPublic Preview
Crop IdIdentify the crop grown in a fieldPrivate Preview